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The Art of Creating a Flexible Office Space

Flexible workspaces are gaining acceptance across the globe, as they let employees focus, learn, collaborate, socialize and rejuvenate, all at one place. If your business is aiming for high productivity, while ensuring that your people love the place where they spend a major part their day, designing a flexible workspace is the way to go. Having said that, here are a few ways by which you can create a flexible office space.

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Improve Employee Health With Height Adjustable Desks

A recent study revealed that spending too much time sitting on a chair can shorten lifespan, no matter how much exercise one does. The correlation between sitting and mortality is a matter of concern for organizations that have a desk-bound work culture. Needless to say, a flexible and employee-centric workspace is what every business requires to have a healthy and more productive workforce. Continuing the discussion, we give an overview of the problems that arise due to prolonged sitting and how height adjustable tables can help counter the problem. Read on.

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5 Prerequisites To Maximize Organizational Efficiency

In today’s dynamic work environment, it has become challenging for organizations to optimize productivity. Though various tools and technologies can help boost productivity; at the end of the day, the efficiency of the people is the key factor deciding the overall throughput of an organization. A motivated employee is a valuable resource for a company, but keeping them motivated is a challenge faced by almost every organization.

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5 Reasons To Buy Mobile Glass Whiteboards For Your Office

A mobile glass whiteboard plays an important part in promoting collaboration among employees. Be it a startup, an established corporation or a growing mid-sized organization, all types of businesses realize the need for mobile glass boards over traditional whiteboards for multiple reasons such as aesthetics, practicality and features. Taking the discussion further, we list five reasons why mobile glass boards are indispensable to every workplace setup.

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Fun Things You Can Do With A Mobile Whiteboard

Many companies equip offices with playstations, table tennis, billiards and other fun indoor games to boost employee productivity and creativity. However, not every company has the luxury of space or funds for all these perks. Instead, try use existing office equipment to shake up the office and have some fun. Start with your office whiteboard. Listed here are four interesting things you can do with the mobile whiteboard that’s already in your office.

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