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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Office Furniture Supplier

Buying your desk dividers locally is a win-win situation for you and the desk divider supplier. Location matters a lot, as your shipment is likely to arrive on time if you buy local.Read More

5 Vital Purposes of Desk Dividers in a Workplace

If you are looking to integrate desk dividers in your workspaces, look no further than Merge Works. To learn more about our product range, or discuss your customization options.Read More

5 Ways to Soundproof your Office Space

Merge Works is glad to help. We are a leading manufacturer of creative, modern and sustainable office furniture, including frameless desk dividers, framed desk dividers, modular panels, and height adjustable tables of a superior quality and style.Read More

4 Reasons to Invest in Height Adjustable Tables

Ergonomically designed workstations boost productivity and reduce stress. Height adjustable desks hold the monitor, laptop or keyword at a specific angle and height so that the employee can work with ease.Read More

5 Types of Office Partitions to Customize your Workspaces

Office partitions are a less expensive and durable alternative to creating permanent walls. Merge Works, a family-owned and operated office furniture design and manufacturing company.Read More
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