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Hybrid Office Spaces: Towards Increased Workplace Productivity

Merge Works is one of the leading manufacturers of modern office furniture, and can help you create a nontraditional office space. This post gives an overview of everything you need to know about incorporating the elements of modern office design in the workplace.Read More

5 Tips to Make Office Spaces More Employee friendly

Merge Works provides a range of functional, beautiful, and sustainable office furniture, including room dividers, height adjustable tables, and desk dividers, for diverse needs.Read More

Tips You Must Follow When Selecting Office Furniture

When choosing office furniture choose practicality over looks. For example, a fancy desk without a storage space may look great, but may not be of much use as it does not suffice your basic need such as storage.Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Using Office Partitions

At Merge Works, we offer a range of desk dividers, and office partitions that are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Users can shift these partitions to a secluded area when not in use, therefore, freeing up space.Read More

4 Classic Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping Office Furniture

Merge Works provides customizable modern office furniture solutions to help businesses design a creative and cordial workspace for employees.Here are four mistakes to avoid when buying office furniture.Read More
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