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3 Signs That You Need To Renovate Your Office Space

The cost of renovating an office space combined with the loss of productivity during renovation are a few of the major reasons business owners and managers put off updating their office space. In this post, we list three sure signs that it’s time to stop procrastinating and get started on renovations.

3 Signs Office Space needs Renovation -

1. Employees Don't Seem Motivated

Our workplace is a home-away-from-home. We spend a good amount of time in the office, and therefore, our surroundings impact our moods. If you feel that your employees aren’t motivated, look around to see if the office space is one of the reasons. For example, is your office dimly lit, or are the walls too dark and make the office look smaller, or maybe, your employees are unable to concentrate because of loud noise? New light fixtures, a fresh coat of paint, and sound absorbing desk dividers can provide the necessary mood enhancements your office needs.

2. It's All Cramped Up

Chances are that when you started your business the office space was the right size. But now that business has expanded, this same space seems smaller and crowded. This ‘lack of space’ might be a major deterrent for employee productivity. To tackle this issue try installing desk dividers to provide personal space for each employee. For example, if your employees seem distracted and unable to concentrate define their workspace by installing desk dividers to give them the personal space they need to concentrate.

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3. Potential Clients Aren’t Impressed

Outdated furnishings are not just a big demotivator for employees, it also impacts potential client’s views about your company. If you haven’t updated your office furniture for over a decade, it’s time to start considering renovating. New furniture will not only help improve the aesthetic appeal of your office, but help set a good ‘first impression’ for potential clients. Office furniture designed for the modern office can make your office seem bigger without changing the square footage. From mobile whiteboards to desk dividers to modular panels, the office furniture industry continues to innovate in design and space.

The Bottom Line

Creating a conducive work space doesn't have to be cost-intensive or challenging. Sometimes, even the smallest change can make big improvements. If it’s time to renovate your office, Merge Works can help. Merge Works specializes in defining workspaces whether personal or collaborative. Our products include desk dividers with temporary or permanent hardware, mobile whiteboards and mobile glass boards, room dividers, and module panels. We offer our products in a wide array of materials and styles to define workspaces. To learn more, please call us at 972-525-8598 or complete our contact form.