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4 Desk Dividers to Turn Your Office into an Adaptable Workspace

Desk dividers and partitions provide flexibility and privacy in workplaces by creating dedicated spaces for the workforce. An increasing number of organizations these days opt for open floor plans, and therefore, need dividing solutions to provide the much needed privacy to their employees. Available in various finishes and designs, office desk partitions or dividers are an integral part of the modern day office environment. Desk dividers serve various other purposes, such as providing better acoustics and writeable surfaces. You also have the option to go for a number of pinnable and magnetic accessories.
To top it all, desk partitions integrate perfectly with any office plan that incorporates mobile modular structures such as office pods and booths. Let us discuss the various categories of desk dividers and office desk partitions that can help revamp your hybrid office space.

1. Acoustic Desk Screens

The surface of upholstered desk partitions is covered with a specific fabric that helps with noise cancellation. Acoustic desk screens have a porous fabric that reduces the reverberation energy, falling on the fabric and the acoustic foam. These desk dividers present an ideal solution for a number of issues such as noise disruptions and lack of privacy, both of which can result in lower productivity.

2. Moveable Desk Dividers

Movable desk partitions come in a tabletop office screen design, and gives you the flexibility of sliding the partition, as and when required. As the name suggests, movable desk dividers can easily be moved, adjusted, or removed by using desk brackets that are specially incorporated into their design. Lastly, a rail bracket is integrated under the tabletop and fitted with a cable tray to ensure optimum space utilization.

3. Freestanding Dividers

Freestanding dividers are ideal for partitioning certain work areas and/or creating visual barriers guarding privacy. These desk dividers have a modular design and a specifically engineered feet-like structure that provides standalone functionalities. Freestanding partition dividers can also be used as a writing board, pinnable surface, glazed window, and acoustic damping surface.

4. Linking Partition Dividers

Many freestanding partition screens have an additional design feature that allows interlinking of multiple dividers to form a large, single partition. Such interlinking dividers can be clamped together in a straight or an angled arrangement to create a free-standing, yet demountable office partition. These dividers are especially useful in an open-plan office space, where fixed partitions are not required.

Wrapping Up

Modern day offices are embracing the concept of hybrid office space designs to provide their employees a mix of a private and open work environment. By incorporating workspace dividing solutions such as office desk partitions, clamp on desk dividers, and privacy desk dividers, organizations can easily create flexible spaces that inspire productivity. Merge Works offers an array of custom office furniture solutions including desk dividers and partitions. To learn more, call us at 800.597.1195 or fill out the contact form, and one of our representatives will get back to you, shortly.