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4 Classic Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping Office Furniture

The type of furniture you provide to employees tells a lot about you as an employer, from how you value your goals to your workforce and their health. Selecting the right modern office furniture can help promote collaboration and ensure efficient utilization of space. Several studies show that office furniture also plays a key role in enhancing the zeal of employees and creating a positive working environment. Yet, many employers fail to make the right choices when shopping office furniture. In this blog post, we talk about four mistakes you need to avoid when shopping office furniture.

1. Ignoring Employee Needs

Employees have different needs when it comes providing them a space where they can perform at their best. A few employees can thrive in an open environment while others need some privacy to concentrate on work and attend to personal tasks such as phone calls. By picking the right furniture, you can design a workspace ideal for most employees. You can, for instance, use room and desk dividers to provide enough private spaces in hybrid workspaces, for those employees who need it.

2. Valuing Price Over Quality

Budget is important but valuing it over quality can be the biggest mistake when buying modern office furniture. Cheap office furniture may not be durable and comfortable, affecting employee’s productivity and proving more expensive for your business in the long run. The good news is, finding furniture items that define your workspace is not as hard as you may think. Merge Works offers a range of high-quality customizable furniture to help provide an ergonomic workspace to employees, where they can be healthy, active, and productive.

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3. Buying Fixed Furniture Items

You may be able to manage your work with fixed furniture items but mobile furniture may suit your needs better, especially if you’re a growing business. Mobile furniture is lightweight and easy to move around, saving time, money, and efforts when it comes to altering seating arrangements or cleaning office. In addition, make sure that the modern office furniture you are purchasing is not just mobile but also modular. Modular office furniture such as modular seats are rearrangeable, enabling you to efficiently utilize office space.

4. Ignoring the Design

Last but not least, design is another factor you can’t afford to ignore when buying modern commercial office furniture. The design of the furniture will help you find out if its ideal for constructing rectangular or square bays within your office. Based on the color and design of the office furniture, you can complement the existing decor and make your workspace look more sophisticated and modern. The design of the office furniture also influences the ergonomics in office. Height adjustable tables, for instance, help mitigate problems of regular sitting and can contribute to better mood and productivity.


Buying office furniture is not an everyday investment. That’s why you need to consider all key factors such as the multi-utility, portability, and durability, before putting your money down. Merge Works provides customizable modern office furniture solutions to help businesses design a creative and cordial workspace for employees. Our office furniture is durable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. To explore our product line, click here. For more information, call us at 1-800-597-1195 or fill out our contact form.