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4 Distinct Benefits of Using Mobile Glass Boards

Organizations, big or small, are investing in modern office furniture that helps create flexible working environments for today's dynamic workforce. Leading furniture manufacturers, such as Merge Works, create modular office furniture and accessories, including mobile glass boards to  efficiently utilize workspaces. Glass boards are a transparent writing tool. When they are placed in a durable frame on wheels, they offer mobility while serving their functional purpose. Here are four distinct benefits of using mobile glass boards. Read on!

1. Provide an Environment-friendly Option

Glass boards are easy to clean and never stain or streak like traditional whiteboards. They are unlike traditional whiteboards that are made and coated with layers of various chemicals. By choosing to install glass boards that don’t require chemicals to clean, you play your part in reducing the human footprint on the ecological system.

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2. Help Save Energy Costs

Thanks to the transparent nature of glass boards, they allow natural light to enter the office premises. Natural light minimizes dependence on artificial light sources, reducing electricity and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning costs. Electrical lighting produces high levels of heat, whereas natural lighting generates virtually no heat when properly controlled.

3. Help Reduce Noise

Mobile glass boards can act as room dividers when you need to assign a section of the office for particular work or a meeting. Besides acting as room dividers, they can also facilitate noise-reduction enabling you to conduct meetings without outside distractions.

4. Last Longer than Conventional Alternatives

Traditional glass boards are made with materials that tend to crack and break over time. Merge Works uses sustainable materials and durable tempered glass to manufacture mobile glass boards so that they can last long without breaking. By using sustainable and durable office furniture, you can save on future remodeling costs.

Let’s Talk Mobile Glass Boards!

Merge Works manufactures high quality mobile glass boards and other environmentally-friendly office furniture to design and transform office spaces. Besides offering a platform to share ideas, they serve a myriad of other purposes. Glass boards come in a variety of colors and designs, which can increase the aesthetic appeal of your office. If you are planning to redefine your workplace or thinking about adding new elements to your conference/meeting room or office layout, fill out our contact form and our experts will get in touch to help you with your requirements. You can also call us at 800-597-1195.