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4 Office Furniture Recommendations for your Startup Workspace

It goes without saying that employees play a key role in the success of every business. It is, therefore, important for employers to provide an employee-centric work environment, regardless of the size of their business. As office furniture has a direct impact on employees health, productivity, and privacy, having the right kind of office furniture is crucial for your startup. Employee-friendly furniture solutions by Merge Works can transform any dull workspace into an exuberant and healthy work environment. Continuing the discussion, the post discusses some essential office furniture for a startup workspace.

Office Furniture for startup workspace -

1. Height Adjustable Tables and Desks

Slip disc is a common back problem mostly among working professional of age 40 and above. The main cause of the problem is bad posture and lack of exercise. As office work demands working for long hours, employers must think of incorporating height adjustable tables and desks. As the name suggests, height adjustable tables and desks can be easily adjusted according to personal preferences and limitations. Such tables and desks fulfill workplace ergonomics and ensure a conducive working environment for employees, especially for those with slipped discs and other back problems. Height adjustable tables also prevent the development of back problem in healthy employees.

2. Modular Panels

Modular panels help in creating an aesthetically pleasing and more conducive work environment, which directly translates into workplace productivity. As modular panels are prefabricated, they allow work space to be easily optimized, or relocated with changing business environment. Another advantage of using modular panels is that they are easy to install and can also be used for sound absorption.

3. Height adjustable desk dividers

Workplace privacy is often overlooked in want of creating an employee-friendly work environment. As any workplace intrusion or visual distractions can directly affect the productivity of an employee, incorporating desk dividers make a perfect choice for your employee-centric office setting. Desk dividers promote healthy interaction among employees without infringing on their personal space. Uptown Panels - height adjustable desk dividers from Merge Works protect employees privacy below the desk as well as above it by simply raising or lowering the panel according to employee needs.

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4. Mobile dry erase board

As meetings and presentations are a norm in almost every business, having a mobile dry erase board handy can help you get through presentations or discussions without wasting any time. Mobile whiteboards can help in a number of tasks in the workplace from brainstorming sessions to presentations. They are durable and facilitate more interactive presentations. The reversible writing surface allows employees to revisit the points discussed during the presentation or meeting, without having to erase anything.

Wrapping up

Maintaining an employee-centric workplace helps ensure the success of any business. We, at Merge Works work to transform your office into beautiful workspaces that promote collaboration while providing the visual and sound privacy employees need to stay focused and productive. To learn more about our customized office solutions for your startup, fill out our contact form or simply call at 972-525-8598.