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4 Trending Office Tweaks for Flexible Workplaces

Workspace design has changed substantially over the last few decades. They have evolved from traditional, mundane, and monotonous environments to open and flexible spaces for a dynamic workforce. Leading manufacturers, such as Merge Works use modern technology and sustainable materials to provide flexible and modular office furniture for flexible office layouts, including portable modular walls, ergonomic seats, and sit-stand desks. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics that drive modern office floor design.

1. Flexible Furniture

The design and layout of office spaces have significantly changed over the years. Instead of allotting a cubicle or office for every employee, many organizations are opting for flexible office floor designs that incorporate elements such as ergonomic sit-stand desks, portable office walls, modular panels, and training tables. On-site mobility is now essential for improved productivity. When employees need to relocate from one part of the office to another, desks with casters promote easy movement.

2. Flexible Power Source

What good is flexible furniture if you have to constantly plug your devices into the walls. That is why, besides making standard electricity and data outlets readily available, companies are investing in furniture with built-in power sockets. These built-in power outlets enables employees in flexible offices to easily move, as and when needed, without being restricted to areas that have a nearby power source.

3. Wall Dividers on Wheels

Portable modular walls are also an essential element of flexible office design. Whether you need to hold private meetings or interactive sessions with employees, you can reconfigure modular walls on wheels for your convenience. You can choose from a range of portable modular wall sizes to create spacious workspaces. They are best suited for constructing workstations, cubicles, and carrels. Merge Works provides premium modular office walls made from sustainable environmentally friendly materials at affordable prices. There are various customization options, including finishes.  

4. Collaborative Workspaces

Collaborative office spaces play an important role in bringing together employees in common areas to brainstorm and work as a team. You can create common areas by leveraging the flexibility of movable office furniture and accessories such as portable modular walls. You can reconfigure your office layout anytime with modular office furniture to cater to your needs. Collaborative work areas also provide a platform for introvert employees to interact with others and create a healthy team spirit and working environment.

Way Forward

All interactive and flexible office solutions discussed above can help you make your workplace flexible, aesthetically pleasing, and more productive. You can leverage our office space planning and design expertise to create spaces in which your employees thrive. Visit our website to view our rich inventory and choose options that suit your office needs. To discuss your requirement and get answers to your questions, fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you. You can also call us at 972-446-3743.