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5 Ways to Soundproof your Office Space

The concept of a flexible, modern office has eclipsed the traditional and open layouts, with more businesses adopting the design. While a flexible office setup ensures optimal use of available space, an increase in the number of collaborative spaces has greatly increased the level of noise in the work environment. If we go by the Steelcase/Ipsos study, employees lose 86 minutes every day due to noise, which hampers the productivity. Businesses can invest in acoustic desk dividers and other furniture options to soundproof workspaces. The blog post discusses five effective ways that can help you turn your office into a less noisy workplace. Read on.

1. Cocoon

A comparatively new concept for office floor design, cocoons give employees the required privacy and space when they wish to take phone calls or get some thinking time. If the office doesn’t have adequate space to create an employee lounge, installing cocoons is a great way forward. A cocoon has a privacy screen on three sides so that employees get less distracted by outside activities.

2. Acoustic Furniture

Specific fabrics and materials are used to make acoustic furniture to provide more privacy, reduce noise and enable employees to better focus on their work. The demand for acoustic furniture has greatly increased over the last few years, and you will find several types of chairs, desks, and workstations designed to reduce noise levels in the office. Acoustic furniture comes in different sizes and attractive designs, making it suitable not just for the office floor, but the reception and other common areas as well.

3. Acoustic Modular Panels

Acoustic modular panels reduce unwanted reflected sound to provide a quieter work environment. The best part about acoustic modular panels is that they can be used to create temporary or permanent soundproof areas to hold meetings and other collaborative efforts. The panels can also be used to create acoustic enclosures to divide walls and seating areas.

4. Wall Flap

A wall flap is a kind of wall art that accentuates office interiors and reduces noise levels. The flaps are made of sliced felt cut in square or rectangular sizes. They come in several color choices and are ideal for soundproofing any room. In addition to insulating your workspaces, employees can also use them to pin important notes and documents.

5. Rugs and Curtains

A room without furniture, curtains, and rugs echoes more as it has nothing to absorb any sounds. Curtains and rugs not only provide privacy and improved aesthetic appeal, they assist in noise reduction. Instead of blinds, consider hanging thick curtains. Just like curtains, rugs also have noise absorption qualities, as their fibers absorb sound. If your office setup already has a carpeted floor, laying rugs over it helps in soundproofing.

Final Words

Other methods to soundproof your workspaces include, fitting soundproof doors, sealing cracks or holes in the wall, or using weather-stripping on edges of doors. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option to soundproof your office, Merge Works is glad to help. We are a leading manufacturer of creative, modern and sustainable office furniture, including frameless desk dividers, framed desk dividers, modular panels, and height adjustable tables of a superior quality and style. If you have any questions on furniture and customization options to soundproof your office, give us a call at 1-800-597-1195. You can also fill out our contact form and our executive will get in touch, shortly.