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5 Essential Furniture Elements for Your Startup

A startup is a great way to realize your entrepreneurial dreams; however, the journey comes with its own challenges. One of them is selecting the right furniture for the new workplace, as this factor alone influences many other factors such as initial costs and employee productivity. While starting a company is often full of ups and downs, selecting furniture should be the least of your concerns. Merge Works offers modern office furniture solutions to promote collaborative workspaces, without having to break the bank. The blog post discusses five essential furniture elements for kickstarting your startup. Take a look.

1. Portable Whiteboards

Mobile whiteboards are handy tools that any organization can use for presentations or discussions. From brainstorming to giving presentations, a portable whiteboard can help you do it all. Most portable whiteboards don’t require clamping, which is why they are effective at preventing space crunch. On top of that, many mobile whiteboards come with a reversible writing surface, making it possible for users to revisit the inputs later. The best part, when you are finished writing on one side, you only need to flip it to start writing on the other side without any interruptions.

2. Training Tables

Whether it’s a startup or a large enterprise, training and meetings are common. Training tables are indispensable, as they save a lot of space and are priced lower than traditional desks and tables. They help in the conduct of meetings and interactive learning sessions as most of them have wheels and can be moved from one room to the other. Looking for some extra space? Simply join one or two training tables to broaden the space.

3. Office Partitions

Space optimization is a common challenge for many startups. You need to channel funds towards the core functions of your business and not on renting huge office space. Office partitions are an ideal solution to take away the pain of space optimization and optimize space utilization. Available in  different height and width options, office partitions can help you turn your startup office into a flexible, modern, functional, and budget friendly workspace.

4. Desk Dividers

Many organizations now realize the importance of personalized workspaces and privacy. Desk dividers are an affordable solution to define personal workspaces, separate workstations, and provide information security. On top of that, desk dividers also help in bringing a colorful vibe to the startup environment, being available in a number of colors, shapes and designs that can be customized.

5. Sit-Stand Desks

To promote a healthy work environment, you can't afford to ignore ergonomic office furniture such as sit-stand desks. Sit-stand desks or more precisely, height-adjustable desks, allow employees to switch between sitting and standing positions as and when they feel the need. Many independent researchers have also highlighted the negative impact of prolonged sitting, which is why it’s important to alternate between sitting and standing positions when working. Adjustable standing desks provide many benefits to employees, such as burning calories, improving blood circulation, activity, and alertness.

Wrapping Up

When you own or manage a startup, adequate planning can make all the difference. It goes without saying that you must invest in the necessary furniture items for a flexible, productive, and healthy workplace. If you wish to get the best selection of modern office furniture at affordable prices, Merge Works has got you covered. We offer sustainable furniture solutions such as mobile whiteboards, desk dividers, and training tables, all manufactured from the best materials and tested for optimum durability. To learn more about available furniture solutions, fill out our contact form. You can also call us at  1-800-597-1195.