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5 Office Setup Mods To Boost Productivity

Employees are the most important asset for an organization as they help the business grow. It is imperative for organizations to understand ways of increasing employee productivity and stimulating their creativity and morale. One way to achieve such an objective is incorporating modern office floor designs into the work environment. Combining modern office furniture with a hybrid office setup helps organizations provide an environment in which employees can learn and grow, while adding value to the business. Continuing the discussion, here are five office design ideas that you can adopt to increase the overall performance of your employees and leverage other benefits.

1. Use Desk Dividers

An office environment typically features noises, distractions, and interruptions, which greatly impacts employee productivity. To minimize such distractions and boost productivity, employers can incorporate desk dividers onto workstations. Desk dividers provide employees with privacy and a comfort zone where they can focus on what’s important. They also offer employees a personal space that is ideal for introverts and information security.

2. Setup Collaboration Spaces

Besides private workspaces, collaborative spaces are also important as they encourage interpersonal communication, brainstorming, and group discussions. Incorporating collaborations spaces such as wide lounges encourages collaboration and productivity. If you have restricted office space, use glass whiteboards. They not only segment the work spaces but also provide a platform for presentations, brainstorming sessions, employee engagements, and innovation.

3. Declutter Desks

Clutter is also one of the key factors responsible for low productivity, as it affects the ability to concentrate and process information. To improve employee concentration and boost productivity, they must first get rid of the unwanted stuff before storing, organizing, and filing the items that remain on their workstations. To optimize space usage on your desk or organize your items better, add storage accessories such as letter trays, organizational rails, and pen cups to your modern office furniture.

 4. Plan a Flexible Layout

Space is also a key factor that affects employees’ state of mind and productivity. Office layouts that confine movement lead to frustration, which further impacts the creativity and productivity of employees. Mobile office partitions and walls help organizations incorporate flexible office layout, which allows organizations to alter the office floor layout as per the requirements. Mobile office partitions allow organizations to accommodate more staff or segment an area as per requirement, without any disturbance and demolition.

5. Focus on the Ergonomic

Employees with desk jobs spend most of their time sitting in front of their laptop or desktop screens, which negatively affects their posture and health. Business owners and managers should provide employees with ergonomic modern office furniture. Ergonomic furniture is designed to provide comfort and reduce stress, which further enhances work efficiency. Height adjustable tables, desks, and chairs are some of the ergonomic furniture items that you can incorporate in your office.


Office environment plays a vital role in boosting employees’ work efficiency and productivity. The listed office setup mods are some of the basic alterations and additions that organizations can adopt to reduce stress and increase productivity in the workplace. If you want to adopt any of the listed office setup ideas, contact Merge Works. We will help you craft your office with our range of modern office furniture solutions. To learn more about any of our products, simply call 800.597.1195 or fill out our contact form.