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5 Reasons to include Desk Dividers in Modern Office Furniture Setups

An increasing number organizations are moving out of traditional workspaces comprising of cubicles and cabins, to more open and stylish layouts with custom office furniture such as benching systems. Although benching systems ensure optimum utilization of floor space, they lag in a few aspects, such as desk space segregation and user privacy. That’s the reason it is essential to use desk dividers to address the shortcomings. To validate the notion, in this post we look at five reasons to include desk dividers in your list of modern office furniture.

1. Define Workspaces

Defining a workspace is essential, as it helps avoid clutter and disputes over space. In open benching systems, things can get messy as there are no definite boundaries or space segregation. Employees who sit next to each other have easy access to each other’s workspace, which can be unsettling for many. Such situations can be avoided by using desk dividers to create dedicated workspaces for employees that give them their share of privacy.

2. Ensure Information Security

In open benching systems, maintaining information security is always a challenge, as people can easily see each other’s computer screens and documents. This is a serious concern, especially if the work of the employees involves the use of sensitive data, such as financial, legal, or health related information of customers. Desk dividers, once again, come to the rescue in such environments, by serving as an unimpeachable wall against prying eyes.

3. Enhance Productivity

One of the biggest downsides of an open office layout is constant interruptions that have a direct impact on employee productivity. Even if we talk about hybrid workspaces, seclusion is a privilege that is mostly given to those in leadership roles or is reserved for discussions. Desk dividers bring that privilege to each employee, allowing them to concentrate better, by shielding them from distractions, without necessarily being isolated.

4. Allow Personalization

The performance and growth of an organization largely depends on the zeal of its workforce, which closely tied to its work environment. That’s the reason why most organizations encourage employees to personalize their workspaces. Benching systems, however, do not allow much space for personalization. You can overcome the barrier by equipping modern office furniture with desk dividers and provide the much-needed space for your employees to personalize their workspaces with the things that inspire them.

5. Promote Your Brand

Apart from providing functional benefits, desk dividers make a great addition to corporate interiors. You can order desk dividers with a particular color scheme or logos etched on the glass to promote your brand and its values and heritage. Desk dividers are available in various attractive designs, colors, and materials, and help you create a bespoke ambience that complements your work culture and environment.


Desk dividers not only ensure optimum space utilization, but also have a numerous other benefits that make them an indispensable part of modern office furniture. Available in a variety of colors, dimensions, styles, materials, and designs, desk dividers help you create a truly modern workspace without having to break the bank. If you too are planning to use desk dividers with your modern office furniture, look no further than Merge Works. We are a family-owned and operated business committed to engineering high quality office furniture, with desk dividers being no exception. Should you wish to learn more about any of our products, simply call 800.597.1195 or fill out our contact form and we’ll take it from there.