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5 Reasons to Invest in Mobile Whiteboards

Meetings and presentations are regular events at every organization, no matter the size or industry. Given the fact that not every employee is familiar with digital discussion and presentation tools, organizations need to keep the traditional “chalk and board” model intact. Modern mobile whiteboards are handy tools that organizations can use to get through presentations or discussions. Mobile whiteboards can help in a number of tasks in the workplace from brainstorming sessions to presentations. That said, the blog post discusses five good reasons to invest in Mobile whiteboards. Take a look.

1. Easy Portability

Mobile whiteboards, as the name suggests, are portable and can be dragged back and forth between team areas and meeting rooms, as and when required. As mobile whiteboards don’t require to be clamped or fixed to a particular place, they also help you prevent a space crunch. All you need to conduct a meeting is to drag the mobile whiteboard on its wheels into position and put it away once you’re done.

2. Reversible Writing Surface

Lengthy slide presentations are boring and participants are likely to doze off. If presenters actively write their key points on a mobile whiteboard, the discussions can get interactive and more fruitful. On top of that, many mobile whiteboards have a reversible writing surfaces to let participants revisit crucial inputs later. Just flip to the other side and start writing fresh inputs in no time.

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3. Magnetic Surface

Most mobile or portable whiteboards have a non-ghosting, magnetic surface, offering increased functionality and making them ideal for heavy usage. On top of that, mobile whiteboards from Merge Works are compatible with both dry and wet erase markers. Get a mobile whiteboard and say hello to flexibility, versatility, optimized space usage, and uncluttered spaces.

4. Durability

Made from premium grade porcelain steel, our mobile whiteboards are built to last, helping you realize planning objectives in the workplace for a long time. The frame is constructed using proprietary aluminium extrusion, which accounts for the product’s additional durability and great aesthetic appearance.

5. Array of Accessories

Mobile whiteboards from Merge Works come with an array ofaccessories to help you enjoy and extend their utility. Get a nameplate that directly attaches to the top of your mobile whiteboard or a flip chart clip set to fix with any of your office partitions, for presentations and meetings.

The Bottom Line

Mobile whiteboards act as icebreakers by helping initiate conversations. They can be used pretty much everywhere in the workplace, including meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, private offices, and even at workstations as a portable privacy partition or rolling cubicle door. As mobile whiteboards are available in an array of sizes, designs and color patterns; they are handy if you want to customize your workplace. If you are searching for sturdy mobile whiteboards for your workplace, look no further than Merge Works. To learn more about our furniture solutions, fill out our contact form. You can also call us at 800.597.1195.