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5 Tips to Make Office Spaces More Employee friendly

The design and conditions of workplaces significantly influences employee productivity and health. Cluttered, dark, and dull spaces hamper employee creativity and health whereas a bright, bigger, and clean workspaces improve the mood and promotes productivity, helping your business grow. Creating vibrant and congenial workspaces is now easy, thanks to a plethora of flexible furniture and accessories available in the market. From installing a modular room divider and green plants to decluttering, you can take more than a few small and affordable steps to get the job done. In this blog post, we introduce you to five tips that’ll help you make your office space more employee-friendly. Check ‘em out.

1. Use the Right Furniture

Furniture plays a pivotal role in any office in multiple ways, from helping you efficiently utilize space and ensuring privacy to enhancing the work space's aesthetic value. Modular room dividers, for instance, are an easy solution to increase functionalities and ensure privacy while keeping your office look sophisticated. The furniture type also helps redirect foot traffic, thereby making the office environment more conducive for employees.

2. Remove Unwanted Items

One of the easiest ways to optimally utilize available office space is to only keep things that matter the most. To decide on this, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Do you need more tables or cabinets where you can store the extra paperwork and organize files? Will replacing round tables with long tables help accommodate more employees? Also think about reducing your storage needs. Design vertical storage spaces to efficiently use available space.

3. Focus on Aesthetics

Everyone wants to work in a beautiful place. Workplace aesthetics have a big impact on improving mood, keeping you happier, and increasing your productivity. An affordable way to improve your office’s appearance is by installing green plants that, according to studies, help reduce stress and make you more productive. Among other steps, you can install creative room dividers to divide spaces, replace whiteboards with glass boards, and get rid of cubicles.

4. Create a Dedicated Hang Out Zone

While you plan to put every iota of office space to use, ensure that there’s enough room for recreation. Providing a dedicated zone for breaks is a must for employees to help them not just shift their thoughts but also collaborate, as hang out zones help encourage chance meetings. In addition to creating a dedicated hang out zone, segregate zones for different works such as group and individual work, as it will help you more efficiently utilize office space.

5. Let there be Light!

A brighter workspace positively influences employee productivity. Natural light, according to various studies, improves alertness and attention, helping employees become more productive. To ensure there is ample light in your office, ensure that you have big windows installed in the workspace. Avoid dark colors on walls and go for pale-colored furniture that reflects light instead of absorbing it. When installing office partitions such as room dividers, make sure the furniture does not obstruct natural light.

Creating a Conducive Workspace is Easier!

Everyone wants to work in an office that helps them stay happy and inspires creativity. What is important to note is that creating a vibrant and functional workspace is not always cost-intensive or challenging. Sometimes a few small steps is all you need to create a big difference and help employees be more productive and healthier. Merge Works provides a range of functional, beautiful, and sustainable office furniture, including room dividers, height adjustable tables, and desk dividers, for diverse needs. To learn more about our product range, or discuss your customization options, fill out our contact form. You can also call us at 800.597.1195, for more information.