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5 Vital Purposes of Desk Dividers in a Workplace

Modern workplaces are gravitating towards an employee centric model, as maintaining a vibrant and congenial environment is instrumental to business success. Employees are the greatest assets for an organization and keeping them in the right spirit can do wonders for any business. Having said that, every workplace requires some regular tweaking to ensure the working mojo of employees remains intact and they have a sense of belonging. Your office furniture has a direct impact on employee morale, productivity, privacy, and even information security. Desk dividers, no matter the style or color, can help every business transform a dull workplace into an exuberant and healthy working environment. Continuing the discussion, the blog post discusses five important uses of desk dividers in the workplace.

1. Work Area Personalization

Employees perform optimally when they feel connected to the workplace. Many employees, especially millennials, prefer to customize their work area for a personal touch and to feel more comfortable. They appreciate the idea of an independent working environment within the workplace, for which there is no better substitute to custom cubicles or desk partitions. Desk dividers allow employees to create a personal zone where they get physical isolation and space to put up inspirational elements or anything that matters to them, which, in turn, helps to boost morale and productivity.

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2. Desk Space Optimization

Open benching arrangements are a thing of the past as they don’t allow for effective workspace utilization. Desk dividers are a perfect solution to optimize sparse office spaces, by breaking up available space to allow for optimum utilization of the workspace. More employees can be accommodated within the existing setup, with each of them getting the privilege of a “private workspace”. Private workspaces are scientifically proven to dramatically improve employee focus and concentration levels.

3. Information Confidentiality

In open benching systems, people sitting next to each other have easy access to the information displayed on computer screens and scattered documents. Though employees work for a common goal, inter departmental information security is always a concern. Open benching setups are more prone to information leaks, as compared with encapsulated setups. Desk dividers, whether enclave desk panels or back panels, shield computer screens from prying eyes of unauthorized people, and therefore, help to maintain information confidentiality and compliance.

4. Aesthetic Enhancement

Open benching arrangements can become mundane and quickly go out of style. Use of desk dividers helps in creating a more vibrant and welcoming environment for employees. Available in a number of styles, colors and finishes, desk dividers can also be customized with your corporate colors and other design elements. Introducing enclave style desk dividers can turn spaces with an ordinary and monotonous seating arrangement into a bright working environment in which employees take pride.

5. Intrusion Elimination

Workplace intrusions are unsettling and often overlooked. They directly affect the productivity of many employees, especially introverts. Incorporating desk dividers in a workplace helps minimize intrusions, saving employees from visual distractions and allowing them to focus better on their work. Moreover, most desk dividers, such as enclave desk panels, are manufactured to be soundproof, allowing employees to filter out workplace noise.

The Bottom Line

Office furniture has a great impact on employee morale and productivity, with desk dividers being no exception. Apart from elevating employee productivity, desk dividers can also be used as branding tools at any workplace as logos can be etched to showcase the brand value and company heritage to employees and visitors. Moreover, most desk dividers can be easily clamped to workstations within seconds, making it possible to frequently change the configuration of any workstation. If you are looking to integrate desk dividers in your workspaces, look no further than Merge Works. To learn more about our product range, or discuss your customization options, fill out our contact form. You can also call us at  800.597.1195.