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Managing office noise disruptions can lead to increased productivity and happier employees

The trending “open office concept” may give you a unique look and strong statement about company culture but they also contain some unexpected and unwanted consequences. The lack of privacy, inability to concentrate, and increased distractions have led to unhappy and less productive employees.

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58% of high-performance employees say they need more quiet work spaces.

Behold the open industrial office space. At one moment, it feels like such a hip environment, bustling with easy communication and collaboration, innovation and headphones just behind every monitor. At another moment, the open office is the loudest, most annoying, distracting and unproductive environment one can imagine.

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Increase Productivity at Work with Cubicle Extender Panels

Is your business looking for a modern way to upgrade your existing office cubicle system? If so, then you’ve found a cost-friendly solution that will also help reduce distractions and increase your workers’ productivity. Merge Works introduces a new office furniture solution, Stackers cubicle extender panels, to extend the height of existing cubicles.

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5 Reasons To Buy Mobile Glass Whiteboards For Your Office

A mobile glass whiteboard plays an important part in promoting collaboration among employees. Be it a startup, an established corporation or a growing mid-sized organization, all types of businesses realize the need for mobile glass boards over traditional whiteboards for multiple reasons such as aesthetics, practicality and features. Taking the discussion further, we list five reasons why mobile glass boards are indispensable to every workplace setup.

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Cubicle Etiquette Tips

People who work in cubicles will tell you how it's not often easy or fun to work in such close quarters. You have little to no privacy despite the presence of modern office partition walls and office desk partitions. Because being packed so close together makes it difficult to be on your best behavior every day of the week, here are some handy tips to help you work on your cubicle etiquette.

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