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Managing office noise disruptions can lead to increased productivity and happier employees

The trending “open office concept” may give you a unique look and strong statement about company culture but they also contain some unexpected and unwanted consequences. The lack of privacy, inability to concentrate, and increased distractions have led to unhappy and less productive employees.

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Improve Employee Health With Height Adjustable Desks

A recent study revealed that spending too much time sitting on a chair can shorten lifespan, no matter how much exercise one does. The correlation between sitting and mortality is a matter of concern for organizations that have a desk-bound work culture. Needless to say, a flexible and employee-centric workspace is what every business requires to have a healthy and more productive workforce. Continuing the discussion, we give an overview of the problems that arise due to prolonged sitting and how height adjustable tables can help counter the problem. Read on.

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Fun Things You Can Do With A Mobile Whiteboard

Many companies equip offices with playstations, table tennis, billiards and other fun indoor games to boost employee productivity and creativity. However, not every company has the luxury of space or funds for all these perks. Instead, try use existing office equipment to shake up the office and have some fun. Start with your office whiteboard. Listed here are four interesting things you can do with the mobile whiteboard that’s already in your office.

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4 Office Furniture Recommendations for your Startup Workspace

It goes without saying that employees play a key role in the success of every business. It is, therefore, important for employers to provide an employee-centric work environment, regardless of the size of their business. As office furniture has a direct impact on employees health, productivity, and privacy, having the right kind of office furniture is crucial for your startup. Employee-friendly furniture solutions by Merge Works can transform any dull workspace into an exuberant and healthy work environment. Continuing the discussion, the post discusses some essential office furniture for a startup workspace.

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No More Horror Stories: Avoid and Remove Whiteboard Ghosting

Mobile whiteboards are fast replacing their traditional counterparts at workplaces. Mobile whiteboard on wheels can be moved easily and fit into the schema of offices. Despite the benefits of using mobile whiteboards, ghosting, as is the case with conventional models, is still a major issue. Ghosting can occur due to many reasons such as prolonged usage, using permanent or low quality markers, and using a wet cloth to remove marks. Ghosting impacts mobile dry erase boards legibility, often making it difficult for the user to work on them. To help, in this post, we explore some ways to get rid of whiteboard ghosting. Take a look.

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