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A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Dry Erase Boards

Modern day hybrid offices have come a long way during the last decade. Desktops have given way to tablets and laptops, memos and letters have lost their significance to emails and IMs, and traditional telephones are no longer the primary mode of communication. Despite all the changes, dry erase boards have maintained their prominence in the modern day hybrid workspace. Even today, dry erase boards form an indispensable part of conference rooms and other common areas in workplaces. Through this blog post, we provide all the information you may need to buy suitable dry boards for your workplace. Read on.

Construction Material


These whiteboards comprise a plastic or melamine writing surface attached to a quarter-inch hardboard substrate. Such boards are inexpensive and can be used in common display areas such as lounges and cafeterias.


Magne-Rite whiteboards have a PVC coated steel surface, adhering to a quarter-inch medium-density fiberboard backing sheet. These boards provide a smooth writing surface, are easy to clean, and most models offer a 10-year warranty.


These whiteboards have a high-pressure white surface laminate, which provides outstanding dry-erase capabilities and water resistance. The backing material used here is a quarter-inch medium density fiberboard (MDF) and comes with a 20-year guarantee.


Glass whiteboards serve the dual function of being a dry-erase whiteboard and add an aesthetic value to your conference room or office floor. Available in various opacities, sizes, and color schemes to choose from, these glass whiteboards are tempered for safety and sustainability.

Porcelain Steel

These whiteboards have an enameled porcelain surface merged into a backing sheet made of steel. These whiteboards are magnetic in nature, while the surface has a low gloss finish to avail more color contrast, easy erasing capabilities, and come with a 50-year guarantee.

Mounting Options

Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted whiteboards come with hanging brackets or L-clips and are well-suited for conference rooms, especially for board meetings. Depending on the construction of the office, a wall mounted whiteboard may require specific hardware and installation equipment, but they are extremely durable and usually last for decades.


Mobile whiteboards have a locking wheel assembly incorporated into their structure, to provide maximum installation flexibility in the office. These whiteboards on wheels are lightweight, sturdy, and easily maneuverable. Such mobile dry erase whiteboards often feature reversible writing surfaces and are available in several sizes, suitable from smaller conference rooms with limited wall space to larger office spaces and display areas.

Wrapping Up

Mobile dry erase glass whiteboards offer a complete range of modern-day office space functionalities, in terms of exchanging and displaying information. Easy to use and maneuverable, these whiteboards facilitate quick meetings, team huddles, and intra-office communication. Merge Works offers diversified product lines including mobile dry erase boards to meet diverse business needs. To learn more about any of our products, simply call 800.597.1195, or fill out the contact form and our representative will get back to you, soon.