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5 Tips to Help you Enhance Office Space Effectively

Hectic and demanding corporate environments have transformed the workplace into a second home for most employees. Because of this, research findings have seen a rise in the demand for cordial work environments that leverage flexible office design. Spacious and well designed workspaces enhance employee productivity, collaboration, and improve employee relationships and bonding. Many studies have revealed that ineffective designing and taking unnecessary steps to expand the office layout can impact employee health and motivation and prevent employees from communicating freely and effectively. To counter these issues, organizations are moving away from the open-office space layout to flexible office arrangements which leverage some elements of the traditional office design such as cubicles. This blog enumerates some steps you can take to enhance your office space without impacting your employee productivity. Read on.

Optimize desk space

Separate desks for your employees can consume much of your office space, therefore, resulting in a cluttered and de-organized environment. To avoid this problem, you can opt for desk dividers by Merge Works that are durable, clamp onto any desk or table, and help maintain privacy. Using desk dividers eliminates the need for multiple desks, therefore, freeing up extra space.

Use Urban Walls  

Urban Walls help you manage office space better by dividing the available area for your employees. These devices offer privacy, and the workers can customize the configurations to meet their preferences. Merge Works deals in a range of custom walls that come in different designs and sizes to help you customize a configuration that blends with your office layout.

Opt for small desks/tables

As IT is driving most businesses, the use of stationery and supplies has fallen steeply during the past few years. Your employees can, therefore, work with compact desks that don’t consume much space. Merge Works provides a range of accessories for desks and tables, including table connectors that employees can use to join tables and optimize the available space.

Use mobile furniture

Storing furniture can eat into your available office space, lending a cramped and cluttered look. Using easy to move mobile furniture such as mobile glass boards and whiteboards from Merge Works can help you address this issue. These durable products are lightweight and include our proprietary aluminum extrusion to make them easy to relocate around your work environment.

Adopt a paperless work environment   

Digitalize your processes to minimize the use of paper. Doing so not only helps avoid clutter in the workplace but is also an effective way to manage your organization’s carbon footprints. Additionally, a paperless work environment helps you cut stationery and supplies costs, contributing towards a healthy bottom line.


Utilizing your office space doesn’t mean changing the layout. You can achieve this objective by following the measures above without breaking the bank. For more such insights on office space management and furniture choices such as premium quality desk dividers, desk partitions, and other options, give us a call at 800.597.1195, or fill the contact form and one of our sales representatives will get back to you to discuss your requirements