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Frameless Desk Dividers Bring Flexibility to the Work Space

Sometimes you just need to cut off all distractions. Whether you need a little help focusing at work, or you’re hoping that some boundaries will help your child get their homework done on time, frameless desk dividers are a great way to put on the blinders and get down to business.

Desk Divider Without Frame


The best feature of these panels is their ease of use. You can put them up and take them down in a couple of minutes. This lets you really utilize your space fully. Setting up frames for more traditional setups takes a lot of time at the start up, and then you’re stuck with how they’re arranged. These dividers screw on and stay in place with a few quick turns.

You can put these partitions up along a long table if you need to section off areas for several people to work. It’s also easy to remove established work stations if you want to move your office into a more collaborative, creative thinking process for a specific project.

Perfect for work from home center

How easy is it to get distracted when you work from home? Additionally, children who struggle with homework often find partitions to be the best way to focus, especially if they have brothers or sisters who are also trying to get work done. While fighting with your sibling can provide the procrastinating break that bored young minds crave, putting up panels minimizes distractions and procrastination.

Of course, children and teens aren’t the only ones prone to distraction and procrastination at home. Adults can benefit from the “blinders” effect as well. You want to work, but you can’t stop thinking about the bills that need to be paid, the dishes that are still in the sink, and looking out the window just reminds you that you have to mow the lawn this weekend. Snap a partition in place and you’ll be able to focus on what’s in front of you.

Better value than more furniture

Dividers are a great way to extend the life and usefulness of furniture that you already own. If you have long tables, don’t try to swap them out for individual desks. Instead, make full use of your workstation no matter how many people are sharing it. This also saves on space. This is great for when you need a conference table for large meetings; however, the rest of the time it’s just taking up space. Frameless desk dividers let you use that table efficiently when you’re not having a meeting.

Focus as much as possible with mobile, functional partitions. They don’t take up space you’re not already using, and they allow for previously limited furniture purchases to be used in new ways. Get the maximum value from your time and your furniture with frameless desk dividers.