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How To Increase The Life Of Your Whiteboard - Easy Maintenance Tips

Dry erase boards are a necessity in most offices and a must for conference rooms and collaboration areas to help facilitate meetings. Mobile dry erase boards, mobile magnetic dry erase boards, and portable dry erase boards make it easy to transport from one room to another to get maximum usage.

It’s important to maintain your dry erase board to increase its longevity and to maintain its bright white shine. Over the years, the quality of dry erase boards and whiteboards has improved, they have a longer lifespan and are easier to maintain. In this post, we list a few maintenance tips that whiteboard users can follow.

Maintenance tips for dry erase whiteboards -

1. Use Quality Products

Always use quality dry-erase markers. These markers will not leave stains on your whiteboard. Similarly, make sure your erasers are in good condition. Using a paper towel instead of an eraser will spread the ink on your whiteboard instead of removing the ink. Using inferior products can lead to your whiteboard losing its shine over the years. To avoid this, make sure everyone is using quality marker pens, microfiber erasers and specialized cleaners to maintain your whiteboard.

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2. Remove Permanent Stains with a Dry Erase Marker

If you accidentally used a pen or a permanent marker instead of a dry erase marker and it left a stain on your whiteboard, don’t worry! Simply write over the stain with a dry erase marker so that the marker’s ink pulls in the ink that caused the stain, making it easier for you to clean. If the stain remains try a specialized whiteboard cleaner.

3. Replace Markers as Soon as They Start Drying Out

Many of us continue using markers until they completely run out of ink. While you may be thinking that’s optimal usage, the fact is when a marker starts running out of ink, the tip runs dry and starts to fray, and using it leads to scratches on the whiteboard. While you can get rid of stains, you can’t get rid of scratches, so therefore, it’s important to replace markers as soon as they start drying out.

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4. Erase Only After the Ink Dries

If you make a mistake when writing on the whiteboard do not immediately erase what you wrote, because the wet ink will spread and stain. Instead, wait for a few seconds to let the ink dry, and gently erase what was written.

5. Don’t Let the Ink Sit

This may sound confusing after reading the previous tip about allowing the ink to dry before you erase. The point we are trying to make here is that once you are done using the whiteboard don’t leave all the writing on it. This allows the ink to settle in. Make sure you clean the whiteboard after usage to avoid stains.

Adding these simple tips to your routine will keep your whiteboard clean and bright.

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