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No More Horror Stories: Avoid and Remove Whiteboard Ghosting

Mobile whiteboards are fast replacing their traditional counterparts at workplaces. Mobile whiteboard on wheels can be moved easily and fit into the schema of offices. Despite the benefits of using mobile whiteboards, ghosting, as is the case with conventional models, is still a major issue. Ghosting can occur due to many reasons such as prolonged usage, using permanent or low quality markers, and using a wet cloth to remove marks. Ghosting impacts mobile dry erase boards legibility, often making it difficult for the user to work on them. To help, in this post, we explore some ways to get rid of whiteboard ghosting. Take a look.?

4 Tips to Prevent and Remove Whiteboard Ghosting -

1. Remove Protective Film, If Any

Many mobile whiteboards come with a protective sheet that keeps the board clean till the first usage. Beneath the sheet, you will find a thin film. Before you start using the whiteboard, remember to remove this film, as ghosting issues in new whiteboards mostly occur due to the film.

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2. Use the Dry Erase Method to Remove Stubborn Marks

Using cloth to get rid of stubborn stains and marks by permanent markers would not be of much help. For better results, cover the board in black dry-erase marker and erase it quickly. Wet makers have chemicals that loosen the ghost marks, thereby, helping get rid of stubborn stains. For very stubborn stains, use propyl alcohol and dry it off quickly.

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3. Be Careful When Choosing the Cleaner

When choosing a cleaner for your mobile whiteboard, make sure it contains non-abrasive calcium carbonate. The cleaner must also not contain bleach,as it can damage the whiteboard surface, thereby, shortening its effective life. After using the cleanser, apply clean water to the board.

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4. Regularly Clean the Board

To avoid permanent and stubborn marks, clean the board at least once every week using a soft, dry cloth (preferably a clean towel). Avoid using degreasers, soaps or cleaners not formulated for cleaning white boards. Avoid using scratching and abrasive motions to clean the board, as it can damage the protective coating that prevents the ink from seeping through the board’s surface.

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Banish Ghosts Haunting Your Whiteboard

Following these tips will help you prevent and get rid of whiteboard ghosting. If you clean the board with a wet towel after every use, soak the surface using a paper towel and a clean rag. To get best quality mobile whiteboards resistant to ghosting, shop from a trustworthy and reputable provider. Merge Works is a leading provider of innovative office furniture solutions. Over the years, our team of expert professionals have provided workspace solutions to business in all industries. To learn more about our products, fill out our contact form or call 888-464-6053.