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Managing office noise disruptions can lead to increased productivity and happier employees

The trending “open office concept” may give you a unique look and strong statement about company culture but they also contain some unexpected and unwanted consequences. The lack of privacy, inability to concentrate, and increased distractions have led to unhappy and less productive employees.

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A New Sound And Visual Privacy Solution For Open Office Spaces - EchoScape™ Desk Dividers

Even though the recent trend toward open offices was designed to inspire collaboration and creativity, research has shown that the benefits are often overshadowed by numerous distractions that affect employee productivity. The top complaint from employees in an office with low or no partitions between desks is audible distractions, followed closely by a lack of visual privacy. Merge Works has created a solution that addresses both sound and visual privacy in open office spaces, EchoScape desk dividers. With an NRC rating of 0.90, our ¾” thick EchoScape dividers absorb up to 90% of sound that impacts panels.

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Why Desk Dividers Deserve A Place In Your Office Setup

Convenience is something we all look for, in every aspect of our lives. When talking about convenience in setting up an office space, the conversation cannot be complete without the mention of desk dividers. Desk dividers make it easier for organizations to optimally use and manage available space while providing an optimal environment for staff. This post lists benefits of incorporating desk dividers & partitions in office setups.

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3 Signs That You Need To Renovate Your Office Space

The cost of renovating an office space combined with the loss of productivity during renovation are a few of the major reasons business owners and managers put off updating their office space. In this post, we list three sure signs that it’s time to stop procrastinating and get started on renovations.Read More

3 Office Elements to Better Manage Acoustics

Office noise can be the reason for reduced productivity in the workplace. Noises from phones, chatter between colleagues, muted traffic sounds outside windows, and air conditioning units contribute to decibel levels in a room. The noises can affect the concentration of employees and result in compromised work quality and productivity.Read More
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