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Health Benefits Of Using Height Adjustable Table & Desks

Employees working in the same position for long durations are at an increased risk of various health issues, such as diabetes, weight gain, and cardiovascular problems. This is one of the primary reasons many businesses are turning to custom height adjustable tables and desks.

Height adjustable tables provide the required flexibility and comfort to employees, thereby reducing the risk of potential health related problems. In this post, we outline the various health benefits of height adjustable tables, which make them an obvious choice over traditional options.

Benefits of Working with a Height Adjustable Working Table -

Reduces Lower Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common problems faced by office employees who spend long hours sitting in front of their computers. Sitting in the wrong posture for long durations may not have any ill effect in the beginning, but over time the stress put on the spine leads to back pain. Incorporating height adjusting tables enable employees to strike a balance between standing and sitting postures, thereby reducing the stress on the spine.

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Lowers the Risk of Weight Gain

People who lack physical movement during long work hours are more susceptible to weight gain than those who take frequent breaks. Our metabolism is more active when our body is at movement. Having height adjustable tables in place allow employees to maintain a sitting and standing movement, thereby helping them burn more calories than what they achieve in the sitting position.

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Prevents Tight Hips

Sitting for long durations in a bent position can shorten your hip flexors, a group of muscles in the hip, causing pain. The problem if left untreated can also lead to lower back soreness, another common health problem in employees. Incorporating a height adjusting desk enable employees to switch their work position from sitting to standing position and vice versa, which makes it easier to stretch legs, and release muscle tension, thereby preventing tightness of hip flexors.

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Keep Mind and Body Active

Sitting at a workstation in the same position for hours can be exhausting. It can cramp muscles and affect the blood circulation, which usually makes employees sleepy. Incorporating height adjustable tables as a part of office furniture enable employees to mix sitting and standing positions while working, which in turn increases blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and refreshes the body and mind.

The human body is not made to sit for long durations, especially without any movement. If a particular job requires working for long hours, it is important to have flexible furniture in place to avoid potential health problems. Keep your employees healthy and productive with ergonomic electric height adjustable tables that easily adjust to their bodies.