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Furniture Essentials For Successful Meetings

Meetings are important for every business. Whether it is an hour-long meeting or a quick roundup, one of the keys to successful meetings is having the right furniture in place. The right furniture encourages collaboration and creativity. Taking the discussion further, in this post we list several must-have meeting room furniture for your workspace.

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5 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Standing Desks

On average, most Americans spend close to ten hours each day sitting in front of their work computer screens, and this 10 hours doesn’t include time spent watching television and surfing the web at home.  If we also account for sleeping time, it comes to a total of 21 sedentary hours of per day.

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A New Sound And Visual Privacy Solution For Open Office Spaces - EchoScape™ Desk Dividers

Even though the recent trend toward open offices was designed to inspire collaboration and creativity, research has shown that the benefits are often overshadowed by numerous distractions that affect employee productivity. The top complaint from employees in an office with low or no partitions between desks is audible distractions, followed closely by a lack of visual privacy. Merge Works has created a solution that addresses both sound and visual privacy in open office spaces, EchoScape desk dividers. With an NRC rating of 0.90, our ¾” thick EchoScape dividers absorb up to 90% of sound that impacts panels.

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6 Factors To Consider When Looking For An Office Whiteboard

We’ve all participated in meetings with boring slide presentations, sometimes it’s hard to stay awake. On the other hand, presentations using a whiteboard are more spontaneous and interactive, therefore effective in communicating the intended message. Moreover, if there is a complex idea that needs brainstorming, almost no digital tool can substitute a whiteboard. Clearly, whiteboards are an important piece of office equipment. Although whiteboards may seem generic, not all whiteboard are the same. This blog discusses 6 factors to consider before purchasing whiteboards for your office environment.

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Why Desk Dividers Deserve A Place In Your Office Setup

Convenience is something we all look for, in every aspect of our lives. When talking about convenience in setting up an office space, the conversation cannot be complete without the mention of desk dividers. Desk dividers make it easier for organizations to optimally use and manage available space while providing an optimal environment for staff. This post lists benefits of incorporating desk dividers & partitions in office setups.

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