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Mistakes to Avoid when Designing a Conference Room

Conference rooms are where next-gen business ideas are born. Research shows that employees in senior positions spend almost half of their time in meetings. It’s important that these collaboration spaces are designed and equipped with the right furniture to enhance creativity. In addition to equipment such as mobile dry erase boards that encourage collaboration, conference rooms need to have the right color and furniture. In this blog post, we discuss mistakes to avoid when designing a conference room.

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Top 5 Reasons To Install Office Room Dividers

Companies strive to maintain a vibrant and productive work environment by investing in office furniture, such as desk dividers and room dividers. Office room dividers are versatile and flexible; they can be used to create collaboration spaces for meetings or define a personal workspace for a quiet atmosphere. Office wall dividers are available in a vast spectrum of colors, sizes, and styles, and have many uses including helping divide workspaces while adding a splash of color to your office concept. If you are considering changing the look and feel of your office space, room dividers are an excellent option. To help, this blog post lists five benefits of using room dividers.

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How To Incorporate an Open Floor Office Concept in Your Organization

The concept of open workspaces was first introduced by offices in Germany in 1950. The US, however, didn’t embrace this concept until the early 2000s. Since then, nearly 75 percent of US organizations have adopted an open workspace environment. Though an open office workspace is a great way of increasing employee collaboration and minimizing costs, there are a few disadvantages as well. If you are planning to incorporate an open workspace concept in your organization, this post will help you understand both the upsides and downsides, along with ways to avoid the pitfalls.

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How To Create an Office Space That Employees Will Love

Employees spend a major share of their hours in the office, so it is essential they feel comfortable at the workplace. Setting up an office that feels like home will keep employees happy and productive.

There’s plenty a business can do to provide employees with more than just a space to work. Creating both personal and collaborative space using modern office partitions, can provide a comfortable and relaxed setting for employees. If an office makeover is on your mind, here are some elements to help create a setting that will allow your employees to thrive..

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4 Key Questions To Consider Before Installing Office Partitions

Installing office partitions is a cost-effective way to create stylish, yet flexible and functional work spaces. The best part about adding office partitions is that they help segment work spaces without making major changes to the existing layout. While there are various benefits of using office partitions, it is important to first consider your business needs along with the requirements of your office space. To help, here are four key questions to consider before installing office partitions.

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