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We believe in protecting our planet and are dedicated to environmentally friendly manufacturing and business processes that preserve the Earth’s resources. Committed to reducing our environmental impact, Merge Works designs, engineers and builds quality products with long lifespans using eco-friendly materials.

Design and Product Development

Digital imaging and nesting software help us optimize our layouts for cutting materials such as wood, laminates, acrylics and whiteboard, maximizing material usage and reducing waste.

Sustainable Manufacturing and Regional Sourcing

Our commitment to sustainable manufacturing is reflected in our continuous process improvements which include the elimination of hazardous chemicals and our scrap material recycle program.

We choose our vendors based on that same commitment to using recycled and sustainable materials. We also feel strongly about choosing suppliers that are regional to stimulate the economy around us and reduce freight emissions.

Finishes and Materials

When it comes to raw materials, we find materials that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and ensure a quality product with a long lifespan. Merge Works is also committed to making sure the elements that make up those materials meet the highest of environmental quality standards. Many of our materials are certified by Green Labels, recognized in the Office Furniture Industry and LEED Community, and can contribute to LEED points in LEED Commercial Interiors in these categories:

Materials & Resources
  • Reuse
  • Recycled Content
  • Regional Materials
  • Rapidly Renewable Available
  • Certified Wood Available
  • Recyclability
Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Low-Emitting Materials


We do everything we can to ensure the disposal process is environmentally friendly and convenient for our customers.