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Environmental Statement

Our Commitment to Sustainability
As awareness of environmental conditions grow, it is becoming more important for members of the business community to develop life-long strategies toward sustainability. At Rollin’ Products, we consider it our responsibility to reduce and ultimately eliminate our environmental impact for the betterment of our community.  From product design to the manufacturing process, Rollin’ Products is committed to resource preservation in all facets of our business operations.

Product Development
During the design process we are committed to minimizing waste. Software helps us optimize our layouts for cutting materials such as fabric, laminates and whiteboard to maximize use of material. The use of digital imaging and engineering software also helps us minimize the need for manufacturing of multiple prototypes to conserve raw materials.

We choose our vendors based on their commitment to using recycled and sustainable materials and their commitment to maintaining a low carbon footprint. We also feel strongly about choosing suppliers that are regional in order to stimulate the economy around us and reduce freight emissions.

When it comes to raw materials, we are committed to operating more efficiently and developing economical systems for assembling our products. The adhesives we use are water based & Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified. In order to optimize the use of fabric, our fabric is railroaded, which ultimately reduces drop-off during the cutting process. We also collect scrap metal from our manufacturing process to recycle at local facilities.

Finishes and Materials
At Rollin’ Products, we choose to do the research to find materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly; materials that ensure a quality product with a long lifespan. Rollin’ Products strongly believes that protecting the environment demands a smart use of material with minimal waste and optimum allotment for each project.

Beyond efficient allocation of materials, Rollin’ Products is also committed to making sure the elements that make up those materials meet the highest of environmental quality standards. Many of our materials are certified by Green Labels, recognized in the Office Furniture Industry and LEED Community, and can contribute to LEED points in LEED Commercial Interiors in several categories:

Materials & Resources

    • Reuse
    • Recycled Content
    • Regional Materials
    • Rapidly Renewable available
    • Certified Wood available
    • Recyclability

Indoor Environmental Quality

    • Low-Emitting Materials

Interoffice Education
All of our associates are educated to understand the importance of minimizing waste. All used computer equipment is disposed of accordingly and all empty printer cartridges are returned to our suppliers for recycling. We also avoid the use of paper products in our break room to minimize unnecessary waste.

Customer Accommodations
Once the product is in our customers’ hands, we do everything we can to ensure the disposal process is environmentally friendly. Our aluminum frame is easily disassembled for recycling and all of our packaging is recyclable as well. We also offer custom solutions for the customer. If you would like to request FSC certified wood products or rapidly renewable materials be used in your order, we can accommodate those requests.

It is our pledge to you, the customer, to provide you with the highest quality, eco-friendly options on the market.