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HighRise Height Adjustable Base

HighRise Height Adjustable Base
HighRise Height Adjustable Base HighRise Height Adjustable Base HighRise Controller HighRise Height Adjustable Base HighRise Height Adjustable Base

HighRise Height Adjustable Base


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SKU: HR2200B-HR2300B
Merge Works' HighRise™ base allow you to raise and lower your existing work surface and monitor throughout the day, enabling you to sit or stand while working.

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Merge Works’ HighRise™ Base transforms your current work surface into a user-friendly ergonomic space where you can actually enjoy the moments at your desk.

  • Heavy duty lifting capacity of 330 lbs.
  • 3-stage legs offer added strength and large height adjustment range of 24-1/2"" to 50""
  • Quick and quiet adjustment speed of 1.5"" per second
  • Four programmable height presets
  • LED readout for height position
  • Work surface support frame width adjusts from 42-1/4" to 74" wide
  • Crossbar-free design provides open space under desk for more seated legroom, adding a filing cabinet or mobile pedestal and is wheelchair accessible
  • Sturdy steel constructed with powder-coated finish
  • Plugs into standard 110 outlet
  • Control box and motors are UL and CE certified
  • Base color is RAL-7045 Silver

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41 Reviews For "HighRise™ Height Adjustable Base"

  1. Great motorized rising desk support

    by Goran on Sat 04,2017


    Great motorized rising desk support, all buttons.. supports the weight of my imac and thunderbolt display.

  2. Table was easy to assemble

    by Sari B on Sat 04,2017


    Table was easy to assemble, works very smoothly and is solid/stable construction. My husband is adding the top and it will become the table for my sewing machining.

  3. Great Adjustable Desk

    by Kevin Puccini on Tue 04,2017


    I got this in order to stand up during work as i was sitting way too much. It arrived early, which was good, fairly easy to assemble - take your time and read instructions, a total of about 1/2 hour to assemble. It is heavy and seems to be heavy duty. It is stable as i use it at it's highest setting- I'm 6'3" and use a desk treadmill under it to get more exercise. Buttons are responsive for up and down, and the digital display is easy to read. I've only had it a couple of weeks, but seems to be exactly what i was looking for. I compared many of the other adjustable desks options and settled on this one as it seemed to have better overall reviews.

  4. Great buy!

    by Lesley on Fri 03,2017


    Great table, sturdy base and easy to set up and build. Motor is slower than the same table we previously bought. But is a great table and just what we needed.

  5. Great adjustable height legs for making a custom table.

    by M. Green on Wed 03,2017


    I want a large 3' x 6' adjustable height work table for photography and crafts. Due to the size, complete systems are cost prohibitive and I'm not a fan of laminated particle board. I found these legs on amazon and then went online to read other reviews, checked out the manufacturers website, and watched video reviews. I decided to order as the price for this electric two-stage was similar or just slightly more than manual crank table bases.
    I purchased a 3' x 6' unfinished natural cherry butcher block top that I then routed the edges, sanded, filled a couple of splits with epoxy/sawdust and then finished with Watco natural danish oil. The assembly is straight forward just make sure you put the control box on the side you want it on. They included more than enough cable ties to neatly tuck away all cables between the two underside rails leaving only the power cord left dangling to plug in and cable manage.
    The control panel can be mounted where ever you want under the table, however, off to one side prevents leg interference. make sure you reset the controller per the directions. It did take me a couple of tries to program in the actual height display to get the right button combinations done in a timely manner. Programming the 4 preset heights is as simple as going to that height then pushing the M button followed by the number you want to program.
    This table goes up to almost 49" with my 1.5" thick top. That is much higher than would usable by someone standing on the floor unless you are extremely tall (I'm 5'11" and significant other is 6'2" and that is too tall for work). At this height the table could be slightly unstable given the raised center of gravity but I don't consider it unstable for working or a danger. That may depend on the overall size. I 'm using a large 3' x 6' top. If someone puts a small top say 43" x 25" then the smaller size at that height would make it inherently less stable. On this particular base the legs are centered to the uprights. I point this out as some brands have the leg base longer for the front than back.
    I highly recommend this table base. The base design and controller seems to be the same across multiple brands, including the uplift base from humansolutons.
    I have included a picture of the finished table as well as a video of me sitting on the table going from the minimum position to the maximum position back down to the minimum position all in real time.

  6. Pleased with my purchase

    by Steven on Mon 02,2017


    Excellent product that performs exactly as I'd hoped. I attached a tabletop I made myself, and now it is the art desk that my fiancé always hoped for. She can sit down or turn it into a standing desk to promote good posture for many hours.

  7. Ultimate Sit or Stand Base

    by Mike Sam on Thu 02,2017


    Wow, great item. I had a nice desk to start with open shelf storage built in to the legs. I removed the the legs, leaving me with with just the desk top.
    Using my own tools, all tools needed are included but having a ratchet hex screw driver will help, I assembled the adjustable table base.
    Total time of assembly for just the base about 15-20 minutes of easy work. I then attached the desk top to the base. Then you are done.

    Easy instructions on assembly, manual height adjustment use and programming the variable height pre-set settings.

    Bought one for the wife too. We both work from home and think the fact that the entire work surface moves is the big win.
    Your entire surface moves not just your keyboard, monitors and mouse.

    It has been great and I love showing it off to friends who vist

  8. I bought 2 of these for the office.

    by C. M. on Tue 02,2017


    I bought 2 of these for the office. Both showed up on time and worked with no problems. They have no trouble lifting multiple monitors, laptops, and misc work desk stuff.

  9. Sturdy, strong adjustable base with great programmable control panel.

    by V Ember on Tue 01,2017


    I bought the 3-stage model HR2300 for $529 in December 2016. For some reason the review now only links to the 2-stage model HR2200. According to the website, "3-stage legs offer added strength and large height adjustment range of 24-1/2"" to 50"". Right now (Jan 2017), I cannot find the HR2300 for sale on Amazon.

    I love this adjustable base. I have an expensive U-shaped Hon desk. I had installed a 2-monitor stand and keyboard tray on the middle piece of the U. I did not want to get rid of my expensive desk and replace it with an expensive new adjustable desk. Instead, I bought this base and attached it to only the middle piece of the U-shaped desk. I then unscrewed that piece from the rest of the desk and now this base can lift it up (monitors, keyboard, books, and all). The motor is plenty powerful and smooth enough to make me think I could could add another 100 pounds and it would still lift it well. When the table top is extended near the top of it's range, it's a tiny bit wobbly, but not to the point of distraction or concern. Overall it feels like a solid, durable, high quality machine. Assembly by one person was pretty easy. Only a few pieces need to be screwed and bolted together. It comes well packaged but the box is quite heavy. I'd hate to guess what returning shipping would cost.

    The control pad works well, and I like that I can program 4 different heights. Programming is easy. Also, for me it is very important that the desktop not go below 29.3 inches or it would damage my desk. Although the base is capable of going several inches lower, it has a setting that let me set 29.3 as the minimum height so I don't need to worry that I'll accidentally damage my desk.

    One frustrating thing is that the depth of the of the bars that hold the desktop is 22 5/8 inches, while the depth of the legs that rest on the ground is about 27 1/2 inches. When I measured for my desktop, I only had about 24 inches, which was fine for the top, but with the 27+ inch base I had to reconfigure how the now-adjusting desktop aligns with the rest of the desk (meaning that now the back of my desktop cannot align with the back of the desk because that extends all the way to the ground, so when I push the base against the back of the desk, the tabletop is about 3 inches forward. I can only fix this if I cut holes into the back of the desk to accommodate the longer legs).

    For dimensions, the vertical legs are 2 inches wide by about 3 1/4 inches deep (and of course adjustable height). The horizontal support that connects the legs is about 5 1/2 inches deep and about 1 1/2 inches high. The base of the legs is about 27 1/2 inches deep, 2 3/4 inches wide and about 3/4 inches high (although it has rubber adjustable-height pads screwed into the four corners that allows some adjustment to the height.) The little control pad is about 5 1/2 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches high and about 3 1/2 inches deep, but that can be installed anywhere.

  10. Great...but only a few times up and down

    by Customer on Fri 12,2016


    This was exactly what we need for a small table in workcenter area. To serve as a work surface when standing and then a small meeting table while seated. The mechanism worked fine for a few times - literally four times up and down. Then nothing, only down and and stuck at the lowest setting now rendering the table useless except for eating Chinese carry out. I have contacted the company to find out what's up. Have not heard back and will update when the issue is addressed. Should be a one star rating but when it worked. it was awesome. Hopefully the company will come through on a $500 item that worked for only a week or so. Stay tuned.......

    UPDATE!! I contacted the company and received a response within 2 days outlining the process to reset the mechanism. Everything worked on the reset and the table is back to functioning properly.

  11. This product exceeds expectation!

    by Customer on Thu 10,2016


    This product exceeds expectation! The directions aren't great and all the bolts are metric, but it's fairly easy to put together. It took me about 1.5 hours start to finish. It goes way, way high! I'm 6'2" and it goes almost to my shoulders at it's highest point. Way more than I need to stand comfortably. In the standing position, it will wiggle if I push on the desktop, but doesn't wiggle when I'm typing or writing. I bought the three section version, so I can't address the two section on. Can't speak to the longevity as I just got it. A heck of a lot more affordable than buying a sit-and-stand desk for $1,500 or more.

  12. it's pretty good very sturdy and it gets very tall

    by james on Sat 10,2016


    it's pretty good very sturdy and it gets very tall and very low
    You don't have to hold the buttons on the presets witch is nice.

  13. Five Stars

    by Customer on Mon 09,2016


    Works exactly as expected ... I have it installed on a corner wedge of my cube and works well

  14. Best standup legs hands down!

    by Customer on Fri 08,2016


    I reviewed several electric standup desk legs and this one was rated the best. I received and installed it on a top I made of Spalted Maple. The legs are heavy duty and were easy to assemble. It operates smoothly. These legs lived up to the reviews and description.

  15. PERFECT!!

    by lauralee on Tue 08,2016


    I've had this for about a year now and it's awesome! Bought a beautiful 'live edge' piece of wood from a lumber store and now have a custom made 6' x 3' one of a kind desk that I can effortless raise and lower at will.

  16. seems almost like a powder coating

    by Amber Lanee Marshall on Sun 08,2016


    Very heavy gauge steel construction and the paint is very thick and hard, seems almost like a powder coating. The desk has a huge range of motion, high enough that I can rest my elbows on the desktop at the highest setting (I am 6'5") and it can be set low enough that you could sit on the floor and use it. Good instructions and easy assembly. I should have bought this thing long ago.

  17. So far so good. Works as advertised.

    by Matt Jones on Thu 07,2016


    Just got it set up and so far so good. Desk raises and lowers perfectly. Be sure to read the instructions carefully. It explains how to reset the digital controller and recommends you do that before programming it for the first time. Might explain why some people have had problems with it not working correctly.

    Extremely sturdy build quality. I was worried when I looked at these types of desks that they would be flimsy and would not be able to raise and lower without rattling. With this desk, there is no rattling and the only sound is a soft hum of the motor working.

    None so far.

    Side note: for those looking for other options to put as a top on the desk I recommend searching for three fourths inch thick vineer plywood. I bought some from Lowe's and it is absolutely perfect for the price ($50).

  18. Five Stars

    by Charles W. Hott on Sat 06,2016


    VERY well built. Very strong base. Much cheaper than competitors plus wider width option.

  19. Five Stars

    by Xi Jiang on Fri 06,2016


    great stuff. it is easy to assemble. added a wood desk top on it. It works well.

  20. Great standing desk

    by Lance Ramsay on Sun 03,2016


    Works great. I have been using mine for about 2 months now, I do not experience any wobble, unless you push on it, you can make it wobble, but that is at max height. I made a top out of left over wood flooring and everyone that sees it loves the look!
    It was very easy to assemble and it moves quickly.

  21. Awesome, economical alternative to a completely pre-made standing desk, and with all the bells and whistles.

    by K. Fuller on Sun 03,2016


    I researched standing desks for several months and felt a little dismayed at the prices. Really, $1,200-$1,800 for a standing desk? I wanted some specific criteria though: It had to have at least three electronic presets (one for sitting, one for standing, and one for the treadmill height that I hope to add one day), it had to be sturdy (no reported wobbling), it had to have a hefty weight rating (I wanted something that could handle a heavy printer if I chose to put my color laser MFC on my desk), and it had to look nice. Also, I wanted the system to be reasonably quiet and fast. I didn't want to wait several minutes for my desk to reach the desired height. I was picky about what I wanted. I studied all my options.

    I finally decided to buy this desk frame and put my own desk top on it and I couldn't be happier. The desk legs are attractive, functional, sturdy, and the electronics are fast, quiet and this desk can be adjusted in tiny increments of 0.2 inches so it perfectly meets my needs. We bought a solid maple veneer door slab, and finished it with clear urethane and it looks stunning as the desk top (the top is 32 inches wide and 80 inches long so plenty of room to spread my papers out). And it was relatively economical. I have about $680 "all in" on my desk and love it as much as some of the $1,200 desks I was thinking about.

    Also, I would say the frame was relatively easy to put together. It took a little over an hour from start to finish. Much faster and easier than some of the toys I've assembled for my kids!

    Would I recommend this desk from to a friend? Heck, YES!

  22. I would suggest a slight redesign so that the control box fits within and is hidden by the cross brace and to offer an improved

    by Wingnuts on Thu 02,2016


    Works perfectly and quietyly. I would suggest a slight redesign so that the control box fits within and is hidden by the cross brace and to offer an improved wiring/routing to better hide/contain the cables.

    Really like the programmed heights and easy to use button panel.

  23. Quality of fabrication far exceeded my expectations.

    by C. Davis on Thu 02,2016


    Quality of fabrication far exceeded my expectations. I was able to get it assembled and working in one afternoon - the instructions were simple to follow. I input three settings (sitting, standing without shoes, standing with shoes). The motor is quiet and the desktop "floats" up and down. Even on carpet, the desk is stable on the highest setting.

  24. Works just the way i had hoped

    by Mitchell Marcotte on Sun 02,2016


    Did a lot of research on many websites to find what I thought would be the best base for my Desk.
    The product is very heavy, has above the norm weight limit and was simple to install. No issues whatsoever.
    Even at the high point when standing and using the desk it feels very sturdy.

  25. Five Stars

    by Richard Currie on Sun 01,2016


    Great desk. Easy to assemble

  26. Easy to assemble

    by Customer on Wed 11,2015


    I had previously bought the Lifespan treadmill but hadn't found a desk yet. Using an old dining room table (36in x 48 in) I was able to quickly dismantle the table and an hour later, I had a stand/sit desk in the corner. Easy to assemble, it does require a power drill but the instructions are clear. Main selling points:

    1. It expands in width so I can in theory buy/build a larger desktop in the future,
    2. It has memory settings so I can quickly raise or lower it back to my height.
    3. For the price and flexibility you can't beat it.

    Since I used my old table, I also bought an under desk CPU mount and attached a mega-surge protector under the table for cord management. Total cost was still significantly cheaper than any pre-assembled desk sit/stand I could buy elsewhere

  27. Great product.

    by M. W. Helwig on Sun 08,2015


    it is great, extremely sturdy and well made. Removed the legs from my old table and attached it to the top then reattached an arm with 4 monitors, it handles them as well as a very heavy computer with ease. The programmable height presets added a lot more to the convenience than I expected.

  28. The Right Standup Desk at a Good Price

    by PA on Mon 08,2015


    I just put it under my "repurposed" dining table that I use for a desk. I've been standing at my desk more than 90% of the time and feel much better. The HighRise works as advertised and supports my two monitors and laptop. It adjusts height rapidly, quietly ad smoothly..

    Con: it isn't as firm as the table was by itself, but that is a minor problem for me.

  29. Can't beat the ease of use and health benefits from having this electric standing desk base!!

    by Customer on Mon 08,2015


    It works flawlessly. I love the different positions I can program into it. It was the first thing I reinstalled into my studio after a remodel.

    I have a torn meniscus. Although I am athletic and I am physically fit it was killing me to sit for hours at a desk while working. I have at times had 20 hour days and the knee would swell, or just feel like someone was squeezing my nerves and/or affect trigger points in my leg that made it burn as if I had a runners condition. I had an MRI to determine if it was my knee (yes) and was put in physical rehab. They said to start standing more and alternating my work positions until I could be scheduled for surgery. 3 months later I was prepped and ready for the surgery when the surgeon came in to talk to me. He moved and twisted my leg. It didn't hurt. I was told the knee was surprisingly better (acupuncture was in the mix after rehab just made the pain worse). The surgeon said whatever I was doing was helping it, so go back to my old routine, rest and we would monitor it's healing or if the knee worsened I could reschedule the surgery. They said I could go home. I have no pain from working at my desk and things continue to heal enough that surgery has been ruled out at this time. It's been 6 months so far.

    I put an IKEA left hand side L shaped desk top on. I am going to take it off as it's too thin and bends on the unsupported angle. I am talking to my local wood shop to fabricate a thicker and real wood desktop. I have a keyboard tray that would not install initially because of the crossbar. I routed out just enough clearance and it now fits. I have cut a hole in the top to run my cords in a channel underneath the desktop because they look unsightly hanging down. I have installed an outlet strip on the underside of the desk.
    Everyone asks me about. The adjustable base is way better than the hand crank one I was using previously. I used my last drafting table and standard desk for 30 years. I look forward to this one lasting too.

  30. Works, easy to assemble

    by swimmer on Wed 07,2015


    Works as expected. Followed the clear instructions for assembly and initial setup. I use 4 different heights and it goes to each one without an issue. I have 3 monitors, 2 large desktop speakers, laptop, multiple keyboards and a stereo amp on a 1.5" thick hardwood top 8'x3'. Lifts to full height in about 7 seconds from lowest setting. It's steady at high setting, though I can get a slight front to back motion if I try hard. Under normal typing/mousing, etc., no wobble.

    The box was well packed and contents survive the local UPS system.

  31. Both work great with the wooden table top I bought at Ikea

    by James C. Foster on Thu 07,2015


    Bought two for the office. Both work great with the wooden table top I bought at Ikea. Although they make a little noise when raising and lowering, they are very nice.

  32. Really nice quality, works great

    by schuss on Thu 07,2015


    Really nice quality, works great, movement is smooth and solid. Height memory feature works excellent. Seller's service is top notch, I received one with a control pad module that didn't seem to work and my table didn't move - emailed them and they shipped out a replacement within hours. I am using mine with a "Hilver" bamboo top from Ikea. I love that the kit came with enough double-stick-tape wire ties to secure all the motor wires on the bottom side of my table, it makes the install so professional and polished. Highly recommended product!

  33. Five Stars

    by Doug G. on Mon 06,2015


    Powerful and functional, flexible design for deferent desktop sizes

  34. This + Wooden Table Top = Great Desk

    by Customer on Fri 06,2015


    Good quality and price point. I was looking at the IKEA equivalent but am glad I bought this one as it seems much more robust. With a top from the hardware store this desk has much improved my comfort and productivity.

  35. Great desk...quiet and smooth in operation.

    by Michael Boyd on Thu 05,2015


    After my initial confusion about why there were two-inch round holes in the desktop, the nice folks at Rollin' Products sent me the two grommets (for threading power cords and phone lines) that I likely threw away with the packaging. Oops. At any rate, the desk works great, it's quiet in operation and smooth. I'm 6' tall and the standing height is perfect; I could even grow 4 or 5 inches, but that's unlikely...
    It took about 15 minutes to put together and is very easy to do. Top is heavy, but that helps steady the desk at height. There is an ever-so-slight wobble when the desk is fully up... (more a vibration, actually) but is barely noticeable. Just be sure it is sitting on the floor, not soft carpet ...

  36. Greatest thing ever

    by Robert Graham on Thu 04,2015


    Greatest thing ever! I am an artist that works with many different mediums, being able to adjust the height of my work space is awesome!

  37. If you want to stand while working get one of these - great for the back

    by aran on Sat 04,2015


    I got this desk about 18 months ago.

    It's fantastic; I would avoid the ones which do not have an electric motor as they are a pain to get up and down.

    In addition, although one of the legs failed after 18 months, rollin products sent me a new one free and were very helpful in getting things fixed.

    Great desk great service

  38. Five Stars

    by tgw on Wed 01,2015


    Easy to put together with great instructions.

  39. Heavy Duty - Amazing!

    by Mark Swinden on Mon 01,2015


    These legs are really heavy duty and just what I was looking for, since I have a rather large desk. I simply disconnected the top from the base and installed the legs. It works beautifully. The installation was however, a bit involved, but that could be due in part to my incessant need to have "things" perfect! I would say the average do-it-yourselfer could install these legs in roughly 2 hours. For those that like the professional "look" perhaps 4 hours (which includes getting your existing desk ready for installation). Overall, very happy with this purchase. They raise plenty high...mine top out at 49.8 inches. So not quite 50 inches but close enough!

    Side Note: I used the under-desk mounted cpu holder 3M Adjustable Under-desk CPU Holder, 360 Degree Swivel, 17 in Track, Steel Construction, Fits most CPU's, Black along with a long power strip Tripp Lite PS4816 Power Strip 120V 5-15R 16 Outlet 15ft Cord Vertical Metal 0URM also mounted underneath the desk top to accomplish the clean, professional look and function.

    Update: I had an issue with my legs not working after a short while. I tried reading the instructions that came with the legs, to no avail. I called up customer service and received very prompt and accurate troubleshooting instructions. This did the trick and now the legs work beautifully again.

    For those experiencing the Er1 or Er2 error msg read on. After you've gone through the trouble of verifying all your wired connections are intact and unplugging the power for at least 20 secs..try this; Press and hold down the "down" arrow button for at least 20 seconds. If your legs are like mine, they did began to move down, then up slightly (just like the accompanying manual indicates). This should fix your problem. If not I recommend calling into Rollin products as they are friendly and eager to help!

  40. Five Stars

    by MuckMuck on Thu 11,2014


    Perfect for my needs. You can program your different heights as favorites which is nice.

  41. With seller help, table working great

    by tom davis on Sat 05,2014


    I had a problem with the table not going up or down anymore and the store called and with help of the manufacturer they got my table working. Great support. Table working great now. Just had to hold the down button down for 5 seconds or so to reset the controller.

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