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Laminate Workspace Solutions - Merge Works


Variety Of Choices

Easy to maintain, available in a variety of designs and colors, a laminate surface adds character and style to your desk.


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Choose Your Laminates

  • 459-58 Brite White Laminate - Merge Works
    Brite White459-58
  • 927-58 Folkstone Laminate - Merge Works
  • 7938-38 New Age Oak Laminate - Merge Works
    New Age Oak7938-38
  • 8845-58 Bleached Legno Laminate - Merge Works
    Bleached Legno8845-58
  • 8848-58 Blackened Legno Laminate - Merge Works
    Blackened Legno8848-58
  • 3485-58 Black Walnut Laminate - Merge Works
    Black Walnut3485-58
  • 7933K-07 Cafelle - Merge Works