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TruBrite Whiteboards

Where Innovative ideas are born

Engineered to be lightweight, durable, and mobile, our whiteboards are designed and built to share ideas. The streamline frames and feet offer a sleek, contemporary appeal and nest securely for ease of storage. Our high-quality TruBrite writing surface is non-ghosting and easy to clean. Available in 3 styles, our TruBrite Whiteboards can be configured for any circumstance – making them perfect for capturing ideas worth sharing.


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Configured for Collaboration

  • Workspace Solutions with Charter Mobile Whiteboards - Merge Works


    Full Panel Whiteboard
  • Workspace Solutions with Frontage Mobile Whiteboards - Merge Works


    Lower Magnetic Accessory Panel
  • Workspace Solutions with Annex Mobile Whiteboards - Merge Works


    Lower Customizable Panel with Accessory Rail

Customize your TruBrite Whiteboard

Workspace Solutions - Merge Works


Trubrite Whiteboards are available in a variety of lengths and widths. Don’t see the size you need, give us a call.

Hardware & Accessories

Choose from 3 locking caster foot options and a variety of accessories to support spontaneous creativity.
Workspace Solutions - Merge Works
Workspace Solutions - Merge Works

Material & Color

Choose your frame color, core materials and colors.
  • Workspace Solutions - Merge Works
    Wide Pallet of Colors

    Customize the lower material core of your Annex mobile whiteboard by adding tackable fabric. Choose from a wide pallet of rich colors, or use your own fabrics to completely customize and coordinate your look.

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  • Workspace Solutions - Merge Works
    Frosted Acrylic and Colored Frosted Acrylic

    Sleek and modern, frosted acrylic can be added to the lower material core of your Annex model for an extra pop of color.

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  • Workspace Solutions - Merge Works
    Variety of choices

    Add texture and color to the lower material core of your Annex model with laminate. Available in a variety of designs and colors, laminate is the perfect accent to any room décor.

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Custom TruBrite Whiteboards Built Your Way

Customize your whiteboard to match your brand or office concept.

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