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General Terms and Conditions

This document spells out the terms and conditions of Rollin' Products (“Company”).  These terms and conditions supersede all previous policies, pricing, discounts, and lead times whether given orally or in writing by Company.  All terms and conditions are subject to change at Company’s discretion.  The buyer agrees to abide by all terms and conditions stated below, as modified by Company from time to time in writing.

Product or Specification Changes
Company maintains the rights to affect, change, or discontinue a product at any time without prior notice.  This right to change applies to catalog contents, price lists, materials, fabric or finishes, as well as details, design and dimensions.

Order Placement
Company requires all orders to be submitted through our online order system or in writing to avoid errors and/or duplication. Within 48 hours after receipt of a purchase order, Company will acknowledge the order via email.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement please call our Customer Service department.

Revised Orders
Orders entered and acknowledged cannot be changed or cancelled without Company’s consent.  Any subsequent change is subject to incurred costs and to Company’s ability to secure materials and labor.  Company reserves the right to increase the acknowledged price, if such a change warrants any extra charge. 

Once production has begun, orders may not be changed or cancelled without approval by Company.  Should Company agree to allow such cancellation, Company reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee for materials and labor incurred.

Orders will ship in accordance with Company’s acknowledged shipping dates and at the buyer’s expense.  Company will accommodate special shipping/delivery requests whenever possible, such as blind shipping or drop shipping.  If customers cannot accept delivery on the designated date or before, Company reserves the right to arrange for storage at the customer’s risk and expense.   Buyer is responsible for ensuring compliance with recipient’s state regulations.

Company is not responsible for delays in shipment caused by unavoidable accidents, strikes, riots, damage to or destruction of plant or part of plant essential to the production of materials, or any act of God.  No claim for loss or damage shall be allowed in consequence thereof.

The buyer is responsible for all freight charges and claims. Company’s responsibility ceases when it turns the shipment over to the carrier and Company is not responsible for damage that occurs in transit.  It is the recipient’s responsibility to examine the goods for both apparent and concealed damage upon receipt.  If the goods are damaged by the carrier while in transit buyer has the sole responsibility for seeking any appropriate recourse against the carrier. 

Defects and Shortages
All claims must be reported in the first thirty (30) days after delivery of shipment.

Merchandise may not be returned without Company’s prior written consent.  Authorized return merchandise is subject to a handling and restocking charge.  All freight charges must be prepaid on return shipments or they will not be accepted.  Damaged materials and special order items cannot be returned under any conditions.

Product Warranties
Company warrants that your new Product is free from defects in materials or workmanship, subject to the limitations, exclusions, and other provisions as detailed on the Company’s Limited Warranty.  


Published June 2014